{May 14, 2012}   Happy Mother’s Day to all my friends.

Hello everyone this was surpose to be written yesterday so im going to go off of the other day Im know 10 weeks 4 days pregnant now and my First Mothers Day well – Pre Mother’s day. Even though the babers hasn’t made his/her appearance just yet, I was surprised by the number of messages on facebook from my loyal online readers, Thank you to you all.  My sweet Babygirl candy and  My husband woke me up told me Happy Mother to be Day, and than as I got up to get ready he flew to the store for some eggs,and got some sweet things also for me, made me eggs and a cresent and he called his brother upstairs told me to wait a min before I came in the room and than he had me close my eyes all the way to the kitchen table and I had opened my eyes and I got the awesome pillow ive been wanting for my pregnancy cause of how uncomfortable I usually sleep, so Im going to be loving that, also a really sweet heart warming card with the most sweetest written things sorry personal but only for me to no lol. And also some roses in the most pretty vase ever, it looks hawaiian like how they arrange it im always looking at those when im looking at the food stores. But I loved all so much it was really awesome he did all that for me. I wish the baby was here already, but this 9 months is going so slow lol. Dont seem fast enough. But when it does Im going to be the best mom I could ever be because, I know how it is to have someone who just dont care. On that note I hope All my friends pregnant or already have your children born had a great mothers day. Tell me how you all celebrated your day with your husbands, and children?????? Feeling like ceral this morning about to head to the kitchen, hopefully this cough eases up on me cause having this viral infection isnt no joke hope you all dont get it….Love you all.


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