{May 7, 2012}   Our Third Ultrasound May 4th 2012

We had our third ultrasound WE were surpose to wait till 11 weeks, but yet another scare, I started feeling a stabbing pain down there. So my hubs called my obgyn and when he did they wanted me to have a emergnancy ultrasound to check on the baby to make sure everything is okay. I was just concered that the babys heartbeat was okay than I knew everything would be fine. Well my husband and my mom both got to be in the room, it was very beautiful expierence because this time the baby was moving around and you can see his/her hands waving at us, it was so adorable and yes I started crying again, I seem to always do when im looking at my baby. Well of course any new mom would looking at there baby develop inside of them, And seeing the baby not being to touch through the screen, =(. Cant wait till the labor part of all of this pregnancy.. The ultrasound tech she than went on to do all the measurements, And the baby now is 2.57cm getting so big, also the baby’s heart is know 171. Carlos keeps saying its a boy and by the way im starting to think it is know also because this baby is trippling in size day by day when carlos was born he was 10 lbs so its gotta be, even though I wanted a little princess first but either way im going to love it till the end. Well The bleed that I had outside the Gestational sac that went away which was 1.3 and know theres one on the right side but still on the outside so it dont harm the baby, Thank god. But that still kinda worries me but the doctor and ultrasound tech says it happens to tons of women and they have completly healthy births of there children. They couldnt find any reason for the sharp pains so no answer is a good enough answer for me, shouldnt it be, you all? Today im 9 weeks 5 days, cant waitto see our lil one again on the 11th week I start going to my high risk doctor and the face and body will be more to see than this each set of pictures will get more and more clear, this is the best expierence ever cause my husband my side, and I love him so much for never missing a appointment with me he is always by my side and keeping me strong when I fall weak to something. I couldnt ask for more, Enojoy the pictures.


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