Want to start off too all the service men and women that, gives us the freedom we have everyday, its good to no we are all out of harms way. I hope you all no matter where your at overseas or in the states are enjoying today celebrated for all of you…I thank my Husband for doing 10 in a half years in the service protecting us, you are the love of my life and my hero…The pictures im posting today was when he was still in the service when I met him and fell in love…I dedicate my day to him…..  If it wasnt for have meeting you on facebook and traveling and falling deep in the I wouldnt be where im in my life together, married and having a future and a New child coming into our Live Dec 5th 2012. I couldnt see myself with anyone else but you….Well today not sure how everyone else celebrated but we BBQ’d some Burgers, Brats, and also kabobs, also I had made cold anti pasta salad so yummy, and Devil eggs. And we had some lobster dip we had got from costco which is so good, And watched cake boss The entire day lol. Other than That yesterday My husband put together the baby’s Bassinet which looks so beautiful, Just got to get some battery for  the lights and the rocker part of it and music, Theres some picture’s Im going to post so you all can see how cute it is. Well This nusery is a work in progress, we are trying to wait to get the stroller and car seat together and the bedding, and some pther stuff cause If itsa girlI want to deck it all out in pink and if its aboy I got to take my mermaid collection downstairs and start getting boy things for the room.. Not sure we have 7 weeks to go, after wednesday. Plus I still need to get a comfy rocker for the room also. Im so intensence on wanting to now what it is already. This pregnancy hasnt been easy but at the end the joyfulness of being a mother finally after being 32 will set in and Will make me the happiest of my life. So nice to see all the people that have been taking the time to read my blogs, its amazing…. Babydust to all the women out there trying to have a childit may be a long road but never give up, One day it will happen forall of us.


Played the best prank on my hubby today, and he came home early damm im good lol. He dont like anyone touching our lawn so we cant hire anyone to do it.

Well I email him and I say omg your going to be so upset at your brother, Listen here us what happened, two teenagers came knocking on the door and said they will mow our lawn and trim our trees, for 6 dollars , and your bro payied them, so guess whats happening.5 mins later I get a email back … . YOUR KIDDING ME? Im Lmao. I said no way ask your brother. And I get a hold of his brother really quick and say look this is what I told ur bro play along and lets prank him, he goes okay and than I told him what to say, carlos ends up calling him and asked whats going on over there so he tells him, he said how are you going to pay someone to do our lawn, its my lawn, and his brother says no its actually the landlords lol. And he got off the phone before he got off he told him how are u going to pay them and not even stay and leave to school? Well i was here either way. Two mins later my bro in law hit me up and says he is on his way home he is pissed lol. I was like oh hell yea, i should of done this before at least I know how to get him home early. LoL. Carlos comes home im almost finished getting ready but hear footsteps im in the bathrrom rolling laughing so hard, and I look out of the window and there his car sits. I finish up real quick and than come out and carlos is smurking at me on the couch and I said u so fell for it and i busted out laughing. Funny thing is he checked the backyard to see if the guys were in the back and check to see if his lawn mower was there thinking they were coming back later since he didnt see them. All I gotta say I totally suceeded at this prank…hahhahahhahahahha
The Victum Rests Below lmao….

It went pretty well, first got my blood pressure and weight taken and than went into the room, the nurse that had taken me in there was like pull down your pants a little so she can put the doppler on me and find the baby’s heartbeat, I guess the baby couldn’t stand her because she was being hard as hell putting presure on my stomach so she gave up and my hubby and me are waiting for the doctor to come in took a little time, guess they were really buzy today well, she came in saying congrats and was shaking both of our hands, she is such a sweet doctor she promised me I would get pregnant by this year and she was completly right…Well she tries with the doppler also and after 10 mins she finnally found it, it was really faded cause its still a little too soon to hear it one those dopplers, But I have reached 12 wks today One more week and I hit my Second Trimister, she told me im bypass the alarm rate of having a misscarriage those are always good words to hear.  Also we showed her a video of our last ultrasound so she can see the baby moving and she said she thinks its a girl, I was so excited, cause she was already right about one thing, and she has been doing this for years. But carlos is like your going to keep saying it and its going to be a boy lol…We will see soon Enough…And we were talking to her about some of my back problems in all, got to go to my neuro doctor and have him call her so they can figure out what I can be given and what I cant be given. Also last week we had gone to the High Risk doctor and they had done some tests For Down Syndrome, one was the measurements of the baby’s spine, nose canel, ect and also a needle prick on my finger to test for the gene in my blood. GOOD RESULTS TODAY !!!!!!!!!!! Im 1 in 10,000 of giving that to my child so most likely The baby will not have Down Syndrome at all, which is awesome, Nobody likes to hear that there might be something wrong with your child after birth. Well that and the baby’s heart rate is 143 its going down to its normal rate it will finally be at, so all we got to do is wait one more week and than I get to sign into the hospital System as a soon to be mom delivering in there unit, they have everyone sign up when they hit there 2nd trimister. As how im doing is so so, im having really bad back pain and leg pains to the point where its hard to bare sometimes, the nausea let up a little so thats good so every once in a while that happens, I have low blood presure so I have to eat alot of salt, thats why ive been so dizzy. And I still have endo pains,so that hasnt gone away at all yet. But other than that the baby is doing great, and im really happy about that my angel is still doing good.  Thank you all for your support through this all, without you Im not sure I could handle Going through this, Your upbeat comments are the best and always keep my mood happy.

{May 18, 2012}   My Chi-weiner Candy

She is my love, she keeps me entertained day and night, Licks my tears away when im crying always there for me through everything that goes on in my life she is my Bestfriend. I will stick by your side forever like you have mine I promise that to you my lil girl…

This was done at yesterday’s appointment glad I can share this special
moment with you all, Its amazing when a miracle can happen out of no where and bring such happiness and peace….

Today went pretty good at the High risk doctors office, We did a regular ultrasound, which was kinda werid cause it wasnt as visual than the 3d sonograms we have been having but we actually got a couple good close up profile pictures and the ultrasound tech was so funny and nice and she printed us off lots of pics like the other ultrasound techs, just the doctor was a little off but thank god he isnt going to be the one I see next time, because we had to actually ask to sit down with him to tell him all my medical history and ask questions about getting the epidurial while pregnant in my spine cause of my disk is badly I can hardly do anything for long periods of time. Well he also said it would be fine also, plus he dont think it will hurt the baby or even go to the baby while its in me. So I might just go through with it. Going to have to go back to my nuero and talk to him now, Well the baby’s heartbeat I guess is settling down to his/her regualar heartbeat because know it is at 167 which last time it was at 171. Our Baby was moving like crazy inside of me during the ultrasound and we had taken a video of it Im going to post it on YOUTUBE so you all can see I cant imagine how much this baby will be kicking soon lol. Its like I drinking 8 cups of expressso before we went in lol. But it was awesome to know the baby is doing great they told us the baby is actually growing fast its 5 days bigger than it should be but they are still keeping the due date at the same for know till it gets closer. But even though I got sick with a viral infection and with me barly eating cause I couldnt hold down much, the lady said when your sick the baby is completly safe inside of you. So with the growth pattern so far Im actuallly being a great mom keeping my baby inside of me. They also checked for Down Syndrome and on the ultrasound They check the neck, spine and nose length and so far we are in the clear, I had to do a needle poke which will tell us a yes or no on that too we should get the results back in a week, but they said it looks good no signs at all. But oh boy did that needle poke scare the crap outta me I started to panic lol to the point, where carlos took one for the team and got poked before me, just to show me it wasnt that bad, which it still was hehehehe. Oh man my nerves were tripping lol. But I made it with a little bandaid on my finger and my honey gots one toooo aww isnt that wuv…Well next time I go will be 7 weeks from know to the high risk I have a obgyn appointment next week and every month with my obm so it wont be so bad, just the wait to see our sweet lil one again is going to take forever. Carlos was so happy this appointment when he saw the baby bouncing around the video I posted on Youtube listen to him in the background so cute how he was loving every bit which this time was the first I didnt cry, and I mean first I think this time I was more nervous and curious what was going to happen that it took the crying part away this time, which was great cause I looked at our baby which is getting so big and than looking over at my husband holding him and watching him look at the screen with the biggest smile ever. I love when he is happy like that. This is going to be a amazing experience and I feel things from this point are going to go good, and im hoping I done jinx it but I feel good about this entire miricle growing inside of me.

Hello everyone this was surpose to be written yesterday so im going to go off of the other day Im know 10 weeks 4 days pregnant now and my First Mothers Day well – Pre Mother’s day. Even though the babers hasn’t made his/her appearance just yet, I was surprised by the number of messages on facebook from my loyal online readers, Thank you to you all.  My sweet Babygirl candy and  My husband woke me up told me Happy Mother to be Day, and than as I got up to get ready he flew to the store for some eggs,and got some sweet things also for me, made me eggs and a cresent and he called his brother upstairs told me to wait a min before I came in the room and than he had me close my eyes all the way to the kitchen table and I had opened my eyes and I got the awesome pillow ive been wanting for my pregnancy cause of how uncomfortable I usually sleep, so Im going to be loving that, also a really sweet heart warming card with the most sweetest written things sorry personal but only for me to no lol. And also some roses in the most pretty vase ever, it looks hawaiian like how they arrange it im always looking at those when im looking at the food stores. But I loved all so much it was really awesome he did all that for me. I wish the baby was here already, but this 9 months is going so slow lol. Dont seem fast enough. But when it does Im going to be the best mom I could ever be because, I know how it is to have someone who just dont care. On that note I hope All my friends pregnant or already have your children born had a great mothers day. Tell me how you all celebrated your day with your husbands, and children?????? Feeling like ceral this morning about to head to the kitchen, hopefully this cough eases up on me cause having this viral infection isnt no joke hope you all dont get it….Love you all.

We had our third ultrasound WE were surpose to wait till 11 weeks, but yet another scare, I started feeling a stabbing pain down there. So my hubs called my obgyn and when he did they wanted me to have a emergnancy ultrasound to check on the baby to make sure everything is okay. I was just concered that the babys heartbeat was okay than I knew everything would be fine. Well my husband and my mom both got to be in the room, it was very beautiful expierence because this time the baby was moving around and you can see his/her hands waving at us, it was so adorable and yes I started crying again, I seem to always do when im looking at my baby. Well of course any new mom would looking at there baby develop inside of them, And seeing the baby not being to touch through the screen, =(. Cant wait till the labor part of all of this pregnancy.. The ultrasound tech she than went on to do all the measurements, And the baby now is 2.57cm getting so big, also the baby’s heart is know 171. Carlos keeps saying its a boy and by the way im starting to think it is know also because this baby is trippling in size day by day when carlos was born he was 10 lbs so its gotta be, even though I wanted a little princess first but either way im going to love it till the end. Well The bleed that I had outside the Gestational sac that went away which was 1.3 and know theres one on the right side but still on the outside so it dont harm the baby, Thank god. But that still kinda worries me but the doctor and ultrasound tech says it happens to tons of women and they have completly healthy births of there children. They couldnt find any reason for the sharp pains so no answer is a good enough answer for me, shouldnt it be, you all? Today im 9 weeks 5 days, cant waitto see our lil one again on the 11th week I start going to my high risk doctor and the face and body will be more to see than this each set of pictures will get more and more clear, this is the best expierence ever cause my husband my side, and I love him so much for never missing a appointment with me he is always by my side and keeping me strong when I fall weak to something. I couldnt ask for more, Enojoy the pictures.

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