{April 27, 2012}   Can you believe something this light can tell you That your pregnant?

It was this test along with 5 more that actually told me for sure I was preganant, cant believe I caught that faint line,

and boy was it a faint line, even my doctor said I had a mad track on it, Ive check every month for about 7 or so, so I knew something was up when it came back this way,Talk about how excited I was…..This was the best news and still is. I feel like Dec 5th cant get here soon enough than I can see my baby and carlos and I have our own little start of a family, to be able to see my mom again. Cause she is clear across the United states, also to see her will be a relief and she how she is going  to see her first little grandchild. Theres going to be alot of good memories come out from this, I thank you god everyday for making this happen to me finally, You and my grandfather are diffently looking after me from up above and making sure this is all planned out right….This Chrismas will be the best of my life.


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