{April 21, 2012}   Our Baby Registry

Our Baby Registry

I decided to make a baby Registry for people that live far away, so Im going to post the websight on here its for Babies R Us, and it will ask you for the name its under Christina Cruzpagan,and my hubby Carlos will show up on there also…Thanks for everyone that does get us something you dont have to if you dont want but this is for the people that would like too. Our first real Prenantal visit with the doctor is on The 25th of April, cant wait till here what she says and to get the birthing process begining on picking the hospital in all, gotta see what hospitals she delivers too first before we can go take a tour through them. Today I hit 7 weeks 2 days, Ive been really sick today throwing up and my breast hurt like crasy they fill like im carrying milk jugs around. lol. But seriously and im peeing and tummy hurting like crasy so today hasnt been much of a good day, did order some Burger King and feel asleep on my hubby today and did up the baby room a little bit in the morning time before all the sickness played a quick one on me.. Heres a couple bump pictures of my new belly I got going on enjoy it will be getting bigger and you will all see it as it grows… Im glad I have the friends I do on here that I have met throughout the years on facebook. Most of you make my days fly right by and you all are a part of my life even though how far you all are away. Enjoy the slide show of picture gotta wait a min for eachto show.

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