{April 20, 2012}   My Food Journey’s through my Kitchen

As you can see Im a cooker I love food the taste of new things and love to mix things up and make my own twist to my own creations, ive been getting a little fancy with my deserts lately cause of food network lol, thanks to my hubby having it on like all the time lol and me passing by the channel than getting stuck and cant move my finger to change it cause im in ahhh. Hoping I was on the other screen tasting all the food from the different countries as well as different cultures.Well here is a eyes view into the stuff I make, some recipes if you ask I will give you the recipe for, some are my top secert recipes that I would only give my family cause it took alot of time into making them perfect.  Im new for trying things, need to get in the kitchen more once we get our new house unpacked cause lately i havent been making all the yummy stuff im so use to.. Cant wait to sink my feet into my new kitchen. Ive made a few things but I need to get into the grove of things again. Any of you that wanna leave comments you can You dont have to sign up it just asks for your email and name and than you can leave a comment. Well enjoy the yummyness….lol


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