{April 18, 2012}   Our Second Ultrasound April 18th, 2012
Well everyone I just got back from seeing my baby on ultasound and theres good news and some bad, but will turn into good news 100 percent in a couple months. Okay well lets start off with the good news cause im a lil chocked up from the bad, Well the baby has tripled in size  its now 8 mm and its heart beat is 134 Beats per min know, it was a strong strong heart beat you could hear it beating like crazy, we also got alot of pictures we are about to scan and put online for you all to view. The bad news is that I have a little bleeding outside the Gestational Sac which they told me to take it easy no picking up heavy things in all,it wont harm the baby cause its nowhere near him/her. Im thinking bed rest is going to be happening soon..They said that it happens to alot of women, and it goes away on its own, so please pray everything will remain okay.We have two videos Also I will be posting on youtube so you all can have a eyes view since you all are so far away, trying to let you all in this beautiful moment as much as possible…

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