{April 16, 2012}   Sleep Has Kicked In (Pregnancy Talk) lol

Well the sleep part has kicked in, My hubby and I went out today to Arby’s and to drop our rings off at gordons to get them cleaned and coated back in white gold, went to look at some Maternity clothes, cause im starting to show a little know and you can feel it started to get fluffy and a little hard, my stomach that is lol. Also went to go do taxes, which I left half way through cause my legs were hurting. When we came home it was like 5pm and I sat down to eat dinner, cause I had slow cooked some ribs, made some baked potatoes and had a salad, Sorry I know I usually always take a pic of the food I make, but this time I was so hungry I didnt lol.. As I got done I started filling out this new belly Book my friend Christine Marcelino had told me to get cause its awesome and It surely is, but within the 2nd page I just fell a sleep out of nowhere and like you all know me, I barly ever get sleep. So it was a shocker that the baby is actually getting me to sleep fine know. Carlos had said it was cause the baby was happy with the Pint of sour cream I ate with my potatoe lol which is not true I didnt eat that much sour cream. Ha!Ha!  Well that was my eventful day at the Cruzpagan residence today hehehhehehhehe. We got two more day till We see our Baby again on a ultrasound Im so excited to see how he/she is doing, Im already starting to have my worries about my baby and they arent even out yet, its a sigh of relief just to here the ulrasound lady tell you everything is doing good. Hoping we get another one of those good visits. Well since it is offically 1:49am I Can say im 7 weeks Pregnant know, wow !!!!!!! This websight Ever week I read on to see the baby’s progress. My lil baby is growing so fast, its unbelievable. All the things taking placeinside of me right know, im so greatful for what God up above has given me.


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