{April 12, 2012}   Gotta check up for yesterday…

Well yesterday  was One of those days where the pregnancy hit me full force, and do I mean full force, my tummy was upset when I woke up in the morning and just got worse by 11pm I get up take a shower and go get a sub from subway and came home and ate half of it and kept getting sicker, to the point of me having to go lay down to calm my stomach, I was beyond nauseous and knocked out for a good 2 in a half hours after that I just layed in the bed the rest of the day till nighttime I finally got up to go eat a little with my hubby and just layied around watching tv, I dont know why they call it morning sickness, when like you can have it (Morning, Day or Night)??? That stumbles me. Plus my legs were hurting so much also that by 10 I was out again. So I did alot of sleeping and resting yesterday, I am 6 weeks 2 days Today and im so excited that this is moving along without any thing bad, Iam very blessed what god has given me and with me being due before christmas boy is she/he going to have the best christmas of there lifetime. Im also very excited cause my mom actually will get to see her first grandchild and I cant wait to see the look on her face as well as mine when I look into my babys eyes the very first time, and get to touch him/her, also to see the look on my Husband to see him cut the umbilical cord, its going to be so magical for all of us, I cant wait to be a mom, I already fee like Im a mom already buying things and putting together the baby book both carlos and me, and just knowing there’s a piece of both of us inside me, Im being extra careful with everything I do because I know its growing. Im going to put this chart up so you all can see the developement of the baby right know look under 6 weeks k. Grandpa O’neill I know your reading this from up above also please guide us through this and watch over me during this time of my life. I love you and miss you truly you will never leave my heart.

P.S  I had tried those pregnancy lollipops yesterday for the sickness and they with sprite helped out. Cause I finally had some wings before I knocked out once again….


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