{April 10, 2012}   What A day !!!!! Pregnancy Hormones off the wall. LMAO

Well today I found out that my HCG levels had jumped which I wrote in my Pregnancy Updates please go down to read it, besides that today My husband got off of work we had gone to deposit one of his VA checks into the bank and than looked around the PX a little bit, and after that we went to a store called Buy Buy Baby well I went in there to find some gel pad for my breast since they are in extreme pain. As We were about to walk out a, fter we found them there was a lady with her newborn baby, The baby was about 6 days old if I remember rightly. Well it was so adorable the little fingers and that little face looked like one of those cute Glass baby Doll figures. I couldnt stop starring at the babys fingers. As soon as we turn the corner to walk to the registers I brusted out in tears so hard because I was thinking of tomarrow the ultrasound and begging to god up above that he gives us a miracle baby A.K.A Clomid Baby. Well for a good 30 in hour later I still kept crying on and off, my hubby said god your emotions are all over the place lmao.This was our 2nd round of clomid at 100mg days 5-9 and the only thing we tried different this round was using Preseed. Tons of women told me they got pregnate on it so I was like whats the worse that could happen me not get pregnant? So we tried it long and behold it worked and for my levels to keep going higher than what the doctor is giving me she thought today I would be up to 2000 boy was she wrong, she was even surprised when she called me and told me on the phone. Well Tomarrow is the Day (Our first Ultrasound) Everyone please say a prayer for us even if you dont know us because every little or big prayer helps…..


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