{April 10, 2012}   My Ultrasound was The Best EVER !!!

If there was one word to describe the expierence I had looking at my baby on a 3D Ultrasound would be (AMAZING). My hubby worked half a day today so that we could go to lunch before we went to the ultrasound, well we went to Mcdonalds and I got A chocolate milkshake and Large fries and a chesseburger but I didnt eat it cause my nerves were going at full speed, I swear if they put a heart rate machine up to me it would of been off the charts so we get at the place early and I mean a hour early it was eating me up sitting in that car so I was like okay at 12:58 im going in lol. Well we get in there I go sign in they give me my paper work I quickly like within 5 mins fill it out and go to the rest room than I sat back down and they didnt call me so I went back to the restroom next time I come out this new lady one that wasnt my ultrasound tech was waiting outside the bathroom for me and she said lets go back I look over to where carlos was sitting and said ((Where’s my Husband))??? And she is like oh dont worry I told him to go in the back that was my first freak out second was that ( Where is my old Utrasound tech that I scheduled the appointment with today because she found I had a cyst and she was so sweet when it happened and she talked me and carlos through the whole process of trying what to do and what not to do in order for us to have a perfect baby. So I really wanted to see her again, but this lady explained she wasnt there today and she wouldnt mind doing it and I was like okay lets get this done, I waited to long and my nerves were going really bad so I needed to get this done, I go inside the room get undressed and  call carlos and the doctor back in , she told me she was going to stick a probe in me and I wasnt worried just worried of if the baby was okay and there and healthy I just wanted so bad to see it there. Plus ive had it done tons of times cause of having Endo and cysts and all. Well she puts it in and omg I saw it , than she positioned it somewhere else I guess to get a better look. But I gasped for air Than she said “Congrats theres your baby, right there” Thats when All the tears that were insided flowed out beyond they could go and I was just like a crying baby laying on the table I look at the screen and I say Im so sorry as the screen is shaking cause the prob is moving like crasy inside of me cause of me crying I bet you the baby was like WTH is going on out there lmao. Well than My head started getting so hot it felt like someone lit a match on my head I guess cause I got my self so emotional. But than Right after I start holding it okay not crying than she goes “Do you see that? Theres the babies heartbeat its going at 101 Beats per min which in medical term BPM ” And bam there goes the tears again. And I mean they go pouring. Poor ultrasound tech and hubby, hes trying to calm me down. And I keep looking up at him smiling than when I look at him smile back I start crying. And than back to the screen to confirm theres one baby carlos looked happy on that one lol.  Well Im kinda sad there wasnt more, but theres nothing more I ever wished for than to have one healthy baby Im 31 , married living in a house have my pup and my life as much as Ive ever wanted and I just want to be a mom so bad to look into my precious Baby’s eyes the first time is going to mean so much and to have my husband and my mom there as it is being born god the best day of my life by far…The Ultrasound tech told us that my Due Date is December 5th 2012. This will be the due date unless Something happens, which hope lets hope this remains a healthy preganancy she said ” That my ovarys look perfect I have a cyst on my right ovary again but its only 15mm and that is okay because I should have a cyst in order for it to be healthy. And the Gestational sac is okay and all around is fluffy which is there to protect the baby. And the baby is in the right place, so im excited about this really really. Heres are all the pictures of the ultrasound so you all can see… Enjoy.


jennifer sippl says:

i read this and i started to cry i so so so so happy for you two 🙂

Thanks so much sweety, I didnt mean to make you cry I just had to write this all while it was fresh in my head, love ya lots girl….

jennifer sippl says:

it was a good happy cry dont be sorry it was great to read

Oh okay I was going to say girl its going to get way more gushy than this cause im a very emotional person lol..Im glad you enjoyed it

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