{April 9, 2012}   Wonder if the rumors are true of Endo and Pregnancy

Im curious if all my endo pains are going to go away during this pregnancy cause so far they havent they are still there.But plenty of my doctors in the past have told me if you get pregnant the Endo will be put aside like laying dorment as your going through your whole 9 months, Than will come back as soon as your child is born. It says that  pregnancy can lessen the symptoms and effects. Is it true I will be able to let you all know through these months go by and I will update this as it goes????? Found a Snip from a endo sight that worries me a bit, it says (Pregnancy during endometriosis can be troublesome, this is because the cells can  cause severe pain, these pains plus the growing pains of pregnancy can sometimes  be unbearable.) Thats what im scaried of, and Just being a high risk pregnancy is going to be hard but I now plenty of women have children day by day in the worse of conditions and that makes me fight even harder to make this happen healthy. Reading on through this article ( Endometriosis and pregnancy does not cause problems for everyone, some women go on to achieve pregnancy, have a trouble free pregnancy and an uncomplicated birth.) Yay for the ending know I can rest peaceful tonight. Being a of a blog and doing double the research for Endo , and pregnancy and Having my own group on facebook for Endo having to keep up on research really gets to you because when I was a kid we didnt have online and know it rules the world and scares you to death sometime because some of it isnt what you want to read. If your not already on my Facebook group here it is, all of the stuff is up to date and we hold contests for fun to get our brains off thinking of the bad things going on daily with us. Please join if your not already a member..

Ladies Of Endometriosis!/groups/168958939876076/


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