{April 8, 2012}   Trying to keep a Clear Mind

All these emotions of seeing the first ultrasound kinda gets to you, because you hope in the back of your mind that the baby is okay, in the right spot and they hear a heartbeat, Kinda sucks the holidays fell before my first ultrasound and my next set of HCG Levels come back till monday. Im more happy about Tuesday more lmao. Just so scaried I already no when we walk into that office and I get called back my heart is going to be beating so hard. Hopefully it makes the babys heartbeat deeper lol…Ive been having some signs of pregnancy but not alot, It feels as if Im on my period but im not plus my breasts are complety sore beyond belief. And ive been eating alot more just havent been eating a ton, im trying to keep the baby healthy and back away from soda a little too even though I already drink Caffenine Free sodas anyways, What has been curving the temptation for soda is Sunny-D Orange Strawberry, it tastes really sweet and thats always a good thing for me. Been eating more Chicken, Salmon, (once a week) and healthy sandwiches, a mass inprovement thanstraight greasy fast food, Ive slipped a couple times but barly…Yay me.


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