{April 8, 2012}   Hubby with a Romantic Mind lol

Yup today we woke up early today he told me we were going to somewhere a hr in a half away to get up early today so at, 5:30am I wake up head to the computer to try to get my eyes focused and than still hear him sleeping in the next room about 30 mins later he wakes up and says come on honey lets start getting ready so we can go to my surprise for ya today. So I get ready than we head on our way out after a long trip we end up in Annapolis, Maryland where they got the Naval training base and a whole bunch of cute little stores and we start our day off with a crepe.Which you will see mine Above

oh it was good but after the 8th bute after I got the clue it wasnt a sweet one it just started tasting kinda werid lol, but we had thoses walked around the stores for a while he got me a beautiful Mermaid made out of Cast Iron, And walked down the pier looking at boats we wished we owned lol and just drooling.Well After that we went to eat lunch at a seafood house and called it a day. We had a crab boil basket, and Crap dip and crackers. Soo good, Thought it was sweet that he took me out there, It seems like he is excited about this baby. And just to see him do sweet things for me like that makes me smile so proudly to know I have a great man.


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