{April 7, 2012}   Pregnancy Updates

March 28th 2012 I went to the OBGYN, showed her all the tests and she told me let me check your uterus than I could really tell and I had a blood test she said my uterus is enlarged and that im 4 weeks, she gave me a paper for a ultrasound and told me to wait till tomarrow when I get the results of how high my HTC Levels are to go get it, cause she said it has to be over 2000 for me to do the ultrasound, so tomarrow I will be doing the waiting game near the phone for the okay……Im so shocked and happy I havent even cry yet I was going to two times in the office but ended up laughing cause i was happy my emotions are all over lol…

March 29th 2012 My hubby sung ) If I had Words by Babe the movie to my belly before he went to sleep, I was so sweet and beautiful to see than he looks at me and say I love you both

March 29th 2012 Everyone I heard back from the doctor and she told me the blood test shows im preggers but the HCG level is 80 which is low cause I caught my preggers early so On tuesday she wants me to take another blood test because the levels spike every few days, she wants me at 2000 before I do the ultrasound, too make sure of no miscarriage she wants to keep checking my levels… Im so proud that after so long we finally have a baby on the way….

April 2nd, 2012 Going in to the OBGYN tomarrow to do anything blood test, to see if my HCG levels are going up like they are surpose too, so I know im having a healthy pregnancy I wont no the results for 1-2 days, so everyone wish me luck that this baby is growing good inside me…..

April 3rd, 2012 I keep taking preganancy test everyday and the faint lines I found in the get go arent faint anymore they are dark as night…….YAY April 4th 2012 As you all know my first pregnancy results were at 80 HCG my hormone levels and the doctor wanted me to retake the blood test again in about 3 days after she said it should be at least at 400 for it to be a health pregnancy, Well yesterday I sucked up the needle and got my blood work done, as soon as there office opened I called and they said they have my results on her desk she needs to read them and get right back to me, so I havent showered or nothing waiting near the phone like a hawk, she calls me and tell me she has good news. The HCG level went pass the 400 its at 909 omg……So on Friday I need to go back to the doctors and do another blood test for my hcg levels again and she said they should be at 1500- 1800 and Monday they should be greater than 2000, which was what I needed to do my first ultrasound. So she told me to schedule a ultrasound for Tuesday… She wants me to stop taking all my meds im on know but vicidon as needed when im badly in pain and ambian so im doing this for this baby cause I dearly want this baby so bad its hurting me inside.Also she is referrring me to a high risk doctor at the same time so I can have one the entire pregnancy cause of all my medical conditions, just to lookout for me through this…In a good way of course. She said after I do the ultrasound, and she sees its growning in the right area in okay she is going to schedule me for my Very First OB Pregnancy Appointment… This is so amazing, in so many ways… I love you carlos for having this child with me, your everything I have ever dreamed of…….

April 6th 2012 So another day of bloodwork again, to check my HCG levels and Tuesday is the day we get to see the baby or a imagine of it being inside of me by our first Ultrasound, this is amazing just hate the wait lol

April 9th 2012

OMG got my HCG level back just know and the doctor said it should be 2000 by today well on friday they were at 4500……So we are way to excited right know so we ended up switching the appointment tomarrow from 4pm to 1:30pm cause we are acking to know what is going on in this tummy of mine….Oh man I dont think im going to sleep at all tonight cause im going to be wanting to know my due date……And how many babies we are having…..Oh oh oh boy…..

April 10th 2012

Guess what I had my ultrasound today the baby is in perfect condidtion for my first trimester and My offical due Date is Dec 5th 2012. So talk about a Christmas best the best ever… The baby’s heartbeat is at 101 BPM. Awesome news ever


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