Well I have no idea how im going to go back and re writ eall I just did cause for some reason it delated it on me =(Here it goes Carlos and I met on facebook it was a group for soldiers that needed help overseas, and just a general sight for the military so I saw him at first sight and couldnt stop starring at his picture he was handsome, so I asked him if he was overseas and he said no but with my memory I asked about 10 other more times lol, but we started talking more and more trying to get to know each other , from talking on the phone we had so much in common it was amazing. We would call each other and talk for a good 8-9 hours even to the point of falling asleep on the phone cause we didnt want to hang up on each other so we would listen to each other sleep. He was so romantic he would sing ( Love me Tende rby Elvis) all the time, he even sent me roses one time to my house with a card it was romantic, and little boxes full of surprises one of the boxes I could remember because I still have the bear with me till this day his nameis Carlos the Second, and he was a lil army bear in his camos in all and he even ranked him for me before sending him and spraying his favorite smell on it so I could sleep with him every single night to fill close to him, wehen we ran out of stuff to talk abot I would have question books where I would ask him questions out of so we could get to know more of each other it worked out good, cause to this day I could tell you looks about my husband. It came to a time where he asked me if it would be okay if he came and visited me cause he was getting time off and I was like sure your welcomein my home.Each day we talked I fell more and more in love with him. Well Each day was coming closer and the day finally came, I got up early that morning had my mom drop me off at the rent a car place in fallon to pick up a car to drive to the Reno Airport to pick him up, after dropping me off there and signing all the papers doing the final walk through, I stepped my nervous Foot on that petal and drove to starbucks a city up grabed a drink and snack and than hopped back on the interstate for the 2 hours ride to go get him. I had so much running through my mind, but it was the best feelings ever, I got a call from carlos before he boarded the plane and I told him I was driving there right know, we both sounded like kids at that point knowning we were going to see each other so really soon. I finnally get to the airport go straight to the ticket counter to talk to the ticket agent to see about me get into the gate where the plane would be dropping him off at, I talked her into it but whencarlos calledme again I told him I couldnt get any closer but the luggage department, so I would meet him there, while I was waiting I started talking to this older couple and I told them we were meeting for the first time and they though our story was so touching they wanted to watch it happen. They almost ruined my cover because they kept starring at me and than looking for him also lol. But I saw him walk out of the plane he goes and grabs his cell phone and starts to text me, I ran up behind him so quick and gave him a hug from the back scarried the crap out of him lmao. Boy did he jump, he turned around and looked into my eyes we went into a corner away from all the traffic in the airport and started hugging and kissing, it was love at first sight when I saw him, theres no way I could feel any different, it was true love. Well we went to go get his luggage and than drove back to fallon as he saw how empty of a place he was going lol. Well We had alot of fun while he was down there, we went fishing to south lake utah, to the movies some resturants and did alot while he was there we cooked for each other and also went out to a couple good places also. Well I introduced him to all my neighbors and my mom and john loved him, which is really rare they like anyone I like or by that chance love.  Well I knew the day was coming near that he was oing to be leaving soon and I was gettingsad cause it was so much good things to just throw away, but the last day before I had to take him back to the airport I went into the bathroom and cried really hard got my composure and came back out, and he was in my room it was pitch black he told me to come in and turn on the lights, so I did just that afraid lol of what was going to happen, I look over at him and he is bended down on one knee and asked me “would I do the honer of being his wife”? And I said “Of Course I will, I love you”, and I started crying as he put the ring on my finger it was so hard because I knew I had to take him to the airport in a couple minutes. Well he told me we would make this work and he would figure out how to get me and all my stuff to him soo we can be together forever, we drove to the airport and I broke down alot, we finally got there and I walked him in but not that far I could it felt like I was walking away from something I just got in my life, I told him I love him so much and I told him to call me as soon as he got back and we said bye, We both turned around 2 times and the second time I wanted to run back into his arms so bad, and hope he wasnt leaving. But I couldnt….I drove back to fallen the entire time crying , it didnt fill right at that moment to leave him. But as soon as he got back I couldnt stand being apart from him 1 week later he had me fly up there to see him, I packed and had my mom drive me to the airport and it was completly heartbreaking saying bye to her but I had to see if he was my future and I couldnt mess up on a mistake that I didnt try to see if things would really work between us, So my mom watched my apartment and candy for me while I went up there a month later I asked her if she could packed my stuff up and she did and movied me out of there and put all my stuff in storage and took candy to stay with her for a while, till I could get back to her.Im greatfull to have her do all she did for for me cause it made my life and candys much better than it was being alone. Well finally carlos and I got to fly back up to Reno, Nevada to go get mt stuff As well as my lil princess candy and we stayedat my moms house andthan got all the stuff put into a ulhawl and Drove from one side of the US to the other side to  get back to virginia. that took 5 whole days, plus the stops of motels along the way, it was a hard drive. But we made it. As soon as we got back and got settled we put some of my stuff in storage and some in the apartment till we got into this house we are in know cause I had way to much stuff. Well once we got comfortable and I relised this was my home for good we started planning our wedding it was a small one without our families cause we were so far from them all, and carlos was getting out of the Army on Jan 31st 2011, so we planned a military wedding, we have 6 guys for sabors, his brother walked me down the isle to a song I picked out for our wedding by Shawnia Twain, and we wrote our own vows to one another so they would be special and had got to dance our first dance together cut our cake with the sabors, And we also walked through the sabors and at the end they hit my butt with the sabor and said welcome into the army, and we had to kiss, talk about romantic. And we took tons of pictures and so did a firend Helen and also his brother and one of his co workers..Here they are below I hope you all enjoy our story…. The great story from this is when we celebrate our first wedding anniversary this year in 3 months we will have a baby as a new member into our family


It was this test along with 5 more that actually told me for sure I was preganant, cant believe I caught that faint line,

and boy was it a faint line, even my doctor said I had a mad track on it, Ive check every month for about 7 or so, so I knew something was up when it came back this way,Talk about how excited I was…..This was the best news and still is. I feel like Dec 5th cant get here soon enough than I can see my baby and carlos and I have our own little start of a family, to be able to see my mom again. Cause she is clear across the United states, also to see her will be a relief and she how she is going  to see her first little grandchild. Theres going to be alot of good memories come out from this, I thank you god everyday for making this happen to me finally, You and my grandfather are diffently looking after me from up above and making sure this is all planned out right….This Chrismas will be the best of my life.

Guess what Im actually 8 weeks 1day pregnant my doctor offical told me today the right date And my due date is for sure dec 5th.So every wednesday I gain a week onto our preganancy.  Im going to be working with two doctors her and a high risk doctor and the ultrasound tech, next ultrasound we are going to have will be at 11 wks when we can see the entire baby inside of me, they will be measursing the nose cavity and looking at the bone , the Bone Structure and spine in all.13 weeks we should be able to get to do the heartbeats at home in all. and I had 6 tubes of blood ran today plus a urine doing all the prenatal testing,The did testing on all the below.

1. HIV-1-HIV-2 ab,EIA,Ser w/ rfl

2. Culture, urine, Routine

3. Blood Group & RH


5. Rubella Immune Status







We are having the baby at Alexandria Hospital, In Virginia. And my mom and hubby will be in the room unless I cant handle the pain and have them do a c-section in that case my hubs will only be there, but either way im going to try my hardest so they both can be by my side.The doctor said the only reason she will fight me on having a c-section is if im way to diliated to do so, but im am getting a epidural, thats for sure and whatever else they can help me with for the pain that is safe. It fills great going to the first prenatal cause we got a ton of info, also a RX of My new Prenantal Vitamins and It was awesome to look into my husbands eyes and look at him smile at me, the babys heartbeat is doing good and everything is fine so far….So I got to call to make a appointment with my High risk doctor which they will be located in the hospitalI will be delivering in, Which will be going at 11 weeks, Thank you all for all the love the beautiful words and sweet thing to get me going everyday…..Yup not my best picture at all but I guess its the only one I can share of course carlos takes a cute pic of him cause he knows he is sexy and he knows it lmao…Wiggle wiggle wiggle over here. lmao…..Cant wait to see this baby, Im really focused on doing this all the way through and not messing up on anything, she/he is going to have the best mom in the whole wide world……I can promise that. I will never leve there side and always be there till the end..I may not be 100 percent the smartmest cookie in the world but I can show my child the rights and wrongs as Ive gone through them in my life. And they know they can be completly safe with me……..And there dad is going to stick to there side like glue, and grandparents are going to fall in love with you at first sight…

{April 21, 2012}   Our Baby Registry

Our Baby Registry

I decided to make a baby Registry for people that live far away, so Im going to post the websight on here its for Babies R Us, and it will ask you for the name its under Christina Cruzpagan,and my hubby Carlos will show up on there also…Thanks for everyone that does get us something you dont have to if you dont want but this is for the people that would like too. Our first real Prenantal visit with the doctor is on The 25th of April, cant wait till here what she says and to get the birthing process begining on picking the hospital in all, gotta see what hospitals she delivers too first before we can go take a tour through them. Today I hit 7 weeks 2 days, Ive been really sick today throwing up and my breast hurt like crasy they fill like im carrying milk jugs around. lol. But seriously and im peeing and tummy hurting like crasy so today hasnt been much of a good day, did order some Burger King and feel asleep on my hubby today and did up the baby room a little bit in the morning time before all the sickness played a quick one on me.. Heres a couple bump pictures of my new belly I got going on enjoy it will be getting bigger and you will all see it as it grows… Im glad I have the friends I do on here that I have met throughout the years on facebook. Most of you make my days fly right by and you all are a part of my life even though how far you all are away. Enjoy the slide show of picture gotta wait a min for eachto show.

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As you can see Im a cooker I love food the taste of new things and love to mix things up and make my own twist to my own creations, ive been getting a little fancy with my deserts lately cause of food network lol, thanks to my hubby having it on like all the time lol and me passing by the channel than getting stuck and cant move my finger to change it cause im in ahhh. Hoping I was on the other screen tasting all the food from the different countries as well as different cultures.Well here is a eyes view into the stuff I make, some recipes if you ask I will give you the recipe for, some are my top secert recipes that I would only give my family cause it took alot of time into making them perfect.  Im new for trying things, need to get in the kitchen more once we get our new house unpacked cause lately i havent been making all the yummy stuff im so use to.. Cant wait to sink my feet into my new kitchen. Ive made a few things but I need to get into the grove of things again. Any of you that wanna leave comments you can You dont have to sign up it just asks for your email and name and than you can leave a comment. Well enjoy the yummyness….lol

Well everyone I just got back from seeing my baby on ultasound and theres good news and some bad, but will turn into good news 100 percent in a couple months. Okay well lets start off with the good news cause im a lil chocked up from the bad, Well the baby has tripled in size  its now 8 mm and its heart beat is 134 Beats per min know, it was a strong strong heart beat you could hear it beating like crazy, we also got alot of pictures we are about to scan and put online for you all to view. The bad news is that I have a little bleeding outside the Gestational Sac which they told me to take it easy no picking up heavy things in all,it wont harm the baby cause its nowhere near him/her. Im thinking bed rest is going to be happening soon..They said that it happens to alot of women, and it goes away on its own, so please pray everything will remain okay.We have two videos Also I will be posting on youtube so you all can have a eyes view since you all are so far away, trying to let you all in this beautiful moment as much as possible…

Yup you all know how I am with cooking the 100 pictures of food I have on my facebook that ive made, I let you all in my kitchen plenty of times, Its my domain and I love to cook the different tastes and Things you can do with food Is crasy lol, I was thinking of some ideas for my husbands lunches so it wasnt the same boring lunch I came across this ladies websight that was so awesome she had the cutest ideas but they were for her kid, But I still took some of them and played with them in my head to give them some added touches to them, here is her websight if any of your are wanting some awesome idea plus you can visit my blog to because more will Come.I dont do it everyday cause I still try to keep the surprise coming so he isnt waiting to hide his lunch everytime he opens it lol…

You will enjoy her websight, so enjoy it as much as I do all the time.Here are some pictures of the lunches ive done so far for my honey bunny lol….If you cant tell this is love than I dont know what to tell ya. This is a slide show so please wait while the pictures change. Thank you

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Well the sleep part has kicked in, My hubby and I went out today to Arby’s and to drop our rings off at gordons to get them cleaned and coated back in white gold, went to look at some Maternity clothes, cause im starting to show a little know and you can feel it started to get fluffy and a little hard, my stomach that is lol. Also went to go do taxes, which I left half way through cause my legs were hurting. When we came home it was like 5pm and I sat down to eat dinner, cause I had slow cooked some ribs, made some baked potatoes and had a salad, Sorry I know I usually always take a pic of the food I make, but this time I was so hungry I didnt lol.. As I got done I started filling out this new belly Book my friend Christine Marcelino had told me to get cause its awesome and It surely is, but within the 2nd page I just fell a sleep out of nowhere and like you all know me, I barly ever get sleep. So it was a shocker that the baby is actually getting me to sleep fine know. Carlos had said it was cause the baby was happy with the Pint of sour cream I ate with my potatoe lol which is not true I didnt eat that much sour cream. Ha!Ha!  Well that was my eventful day at the Cruzpagan residence today hehehhehehhehe. We got two more day till We see our Baby again on a ultrasound Im so excited to see how he/she is doing, Im already starting to have my worries about my baby and they arent even out yet, its a sigh of relief just to here the ulrasound lady tell you everything is doing good. Hoping we get another one of those good visits. Well since it is offically 1:49am I Can say im 7 weeks Pregnant know, wow !!!!!!! This websight Ever week I read on to see the baby’s progress. My lil baby is growing so fast, its unbelievable. All the things taking placeinside of me right know, im so greatful for what God up above has given me.

{April 15, 2012}   Arlington National Cemetary

My husband and I decided to go to the Arlington National Cemetary Yesterday since it was a perfect day outside  and It was amazing seeing the changing of the guards cermony I ended up crying it is a very intense thing to watch but we got some awesome pictures.That cemetary looked really Beautiful how all the hills of headstones sat, how they were placed and how much respect the Army payed so much respect to the soldiers that where undifineable , They stand guard and watch them 24-7 though rain, snow, or the hot weather. They are always there.. If none of you have been I would really tell you that you should before anything else you see up here first in Washington DC. Here’s some pictures I took hopefully you all will enjoy them as much as I did taking them. Enjoy

{April 14, 2012}   A day of a photos with hubs


We took some cute pictures today just so we have showing every week of my preganacy, I love what the human body does and how beautiful ladies look when they are pregnant. We will be getting perfessonal one done as soon as I get a little bit way bigger. Today went kinda good I got to see a friend from Ft. Belvoir that found out she is pregnant also so we will be having our babies in december but at different hositals it was great to check up, and get some pointers from her. Also I only had a little Nausea today so it was the greatest lol. Well our next ultrasound is on the 18th so I will be posting a whole bunch more of my 7th week so it will be two week from  the last one about so there should bemore to see,I cant wait to the lil one again.

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