{September 26, 2021}   Happy National Daughters Day

Happy National Daughters day❤️

Words are not enough to express the unconditional love that exists between a mother and her daughter. You have been my love every since I found out you were inside of me, feeling your kicks your hiccups. Feeling you body against mine when the nurse in the hospital put your body on me for skin on skin time, your smiles your giggles, your laughter, your voice. I will never understand how I got so lucky you have you in my life. You are the very reason why I breathe, your the reason why I’m still here, you saved me. I can not ever stop thanking god for giving you too me. You have me here forever.

I love you so much my Ladybug, squishy, My Little Grasshopper.

Love always Your Mommy Christina Cruzpagan

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{September 5, 2021}   How time fly’s by Ariella❤️

Gosh I really can’t believe on Tuesday I will have a official 3rd grader and in December a 9 yr old child😳 It really trips me out because it still feels like I just had her the other day. All the time I heard from people they grow fast, they weren’t kidding that’s for sure! It makes me happy to watch her grow and go threw her milestones but it makes me sad also cause I don’t wake up to her wanting to breastfeed & be hand fed baby food I made homemade for her or to her wanting to be held in my arms for hours and hours Threw out the day. I Even miss being pregnant with her because the feeling of her kicking inside of me. 😢 But threw all of the years it has made me a stronger person on the way I think because if it wasn’t for her I would of gave up on myself a long time ago. She brings the true meaning out in me, and she made me a mother. And I’m more than proud to be called Ariella Kelani Cruzpagan’s momma. If you ever have feel in your heart what was your true purpose in life Christina it was having a daughter and being able to teach and raise her into someone the future & god would really want in this world. The greatest woman any person would want in there life. A true person, a loving soul and the brightest most perfect person anyone would want in there life. A great friend a amazing wife one day a amazing soul that this world needs. Thank you for changing my life. I love you more than anything in this whole wide world ladybug❤️🐞

Here are some pics of you and the people that you have grown up around that made you the person. You are today including momma and daddy❤️

{August 3, 2021}   SAHM making Beef Stew

I made this because I have a abundance of meat right now so I thought before it gets bad to make things that would last and stuff in case I don’t feel like cooking because I don’t always feel 100 percent having Endometriosis

And fibromyalgia Brings you feel down a lot when it comes to doing things. 1 day your body can be sort of okay than the next minute without warning it is taking you down.

So on those take down days of your struggles with auto immune diseases like I do and other issues with my liver and spleen. I find this very helpful to make meals ahead of time when your feel your best. So my Beef stew recipe I canned the other day I decided to write down exactly what I did. To help all of you . I really hope you enjoy!!!!’

8 potato’s

2 Chuck roasts

5 tablespoons of Cajun seasoning

4 teaspoons pink Himalayan salt

3 onion bouillon cubes

2 bay leafs

1 1/2 cup of yellow squash

1 can of carrots

2 tablespoons of garlic seasoning

3 packs of sazon packages

2 French onion packets

1 can of cream of mushroom

Make sure beef in cut into squares and cook those for 13 hours along with all the seasoning and can of mushroom. Than a hour before it stops drop the squash and potato’s in. And only cook for last hour than turn off and can

Cook in slow cooker for 14 hours

*While all of that is cooking:

Sterilize your canning jars, lids, and rings. I sterilize mine by running them through the rinse cycle on my dishwasher. Just leave them in the dishwasher until you are ready to use them. When canning is ready after the stew is done cooking pour right away. Make sure you wipe all rims off with white vinegar, leaving 1 inch head space. And close but not super tight till jar ping after they ping you can close it right and than all done. Place in a very cool area.

{August 22, 2020}   Happy Birthday Dad

Dear Dad in Heaven,

I want to wish you a Happy Birthday! I wish I could call just call you up and have you answer the phone and tell you how much I love you. But this year as the last 3 yrs have been different cause know your in Heaven. I hope everything you ever wished for is coming true and your able to visit your mom and dad and celebrate with them, as well as the others that you loved that are there too with you know. It always chokes me up thinking about you knowing I will never be able to see you again. It’s one of the hardest things to have to live threw. Just wanted you to see my daughter so much😢and know u never will hurts. Just know I will not ever give up thinking about you or loving you. I thank you for being there for me when you were when u were alive. I know things weren’t always the best for many reasons but so forgive you. Your granddaughter and me will light a candle in your name today for your Birthday.

{August 1, 2020}   How my Daughter got her name!

Thought I would show u all Ariella’s room. Fun fact: When I was a little girl growing up I always loved the little mermaid. I would buy little mermaid things and save them in there boxes. Because I always said I would pass them to my daughter when I had one. And even had my daughter’s name picked out way before I had her I wanted it to be very unique so I named her Ariella cause I knew everyone would have Ariel as a name but we call her Ariel for short & a couple nicknames lol (Ladybug and squishy). So as soon as I had her that’s what I named her from The Little Mermaid and than passed her down all my mermaid things. It really means the world to me that I had a little Baby Girl first. As for her middle name I named her Kelani which I’m Hawaiian means precious flower. I hope you all love the pics and the story behind her name.

So Finally our experiment worked after months. Shit, potato bread and wheat bread last for months just a heads up you all might wanna do this with white bread lol. But I was trying to teach Ariella why we all wash our hands for especially after the corona virus hit. Guess our door knobs are cleaner than I thought lol.

If you have never done this before you get 4 pieces of bread naming them what I did and have your child wipe as much surface as possible than place in bag and hang up and just wait. Before you do this you talk to them about the importance washing their hands is especially with corona virus going on so they can see when the bread turns what you should clean more. It does take weeks to months for the change to happen. If you do it comment here and tell us what your kid said when they saw it. My daughter Ariella said momma I think we need our stuff more lol.

Hope you all stay safe with everything that’s

Happening right now.

Sorry I haven’t been here in a while been very busy will catch you all up what has been going on since I haven’t been on here. Hope you all are staying safe.

Still in a lot of pain, ugh 😢

I wish when I was born and God knew, what was going on with all my auto immune diseases,and everything altogether wrong with me. That he could of pulled it out of my body. And fixed it right away. My daughter told me the day I went to the hospital in tear I hope you get better so you can play with me. It seriously broke my heart apart to hear that from the one person I truly adore in my heart. I always wanna see her happy and me her smile everyday. But to know while I was sick she was thinking this, wore my heart into pieces.

I ask myself everyday why was I the one out of all these people in the entire world that has to live with pain every single day of my life. I would give anything to make it better. But I have so much wrong with me that would never happen for me. Thanks for listening to me rant. #autoimmune autoimmunediseses

I am extremely Happy and Touched by getting this award today in the mail. I got nominated the 2018 EndoMarch Activist of the Year. I do everything I can’t to keep all my endo sisters updated with everything that is going on endo related I have busted my butt doing endomarch stuff and photography during the March’s and to finally get recognized for my hard work leaves me in tears. I’m so glad I have got to meet everyone of you ladies either in person or online threw the years. Love you all.

{May 18, 2018}   Nurse week! 👩‍⚕️

I’m sorry i haven’t been on here in a minute but I will be posting once again. This post is not mom related but is the next thing that means a great deal to me. So if you have time grab a cup of coffee something to snack on and please read this. Thank you all.

I have pulled dead, mangled bodies from cars..Nursed in Nursing Homes seen my fair share of Bed Sores, so bad I can see there spine just cause a nurse didn’t correctly position the patient every 2 hrs as needed. Walked in when a family member was in the room trying to choke a family member to death. 😿Talked to really sweet older people and next day go to work and the died over night, when I was off shift.
I have lied to people as they were dying.
I said you are going to be fine as I held their hand and watched the life fade out. Just to be there for them cause there Family wasn’t.
I have held dying babies. Help in Labor and Delivery seen babies die just after being born and have to tell the parents. As I see the Heartbreak in there eyes. Took care of Newborns in the NICU and they were so far gone that we couldn’t save them. Bought lunch for people who were mentally ill that haven’t eaten in a while. I had to tell people’s families that there mom, son or infant died and see the pain as the fell apart right in front of me. I had to clean dead bodies and get them ready for there Family to say goodbye.
I have held towels on bullet wounds. As blood dripped all over me.
Done CPR when I knew it wouldn’t help just to make family members feel better. And tried my hardest to help save there lives.
I’m so thankful for working as a Nurse and wouldn’t trade it for the world. People need to understand how hard it is to be one you see things you never in your life would want to see. This Week please give thanks to any nurse u see. I hope u all can share this out by putting it on your walls.

{July 28, 2017}   Motherhood Challenge 

#motherhood post 4 pictures,

1. Post 2 When you were pregnant

2. The day your baby was born

3. Your baby now

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