I am extremely Happy and Touched by getting this award today in the mail. I got nominated the 2018 EndoMarch Activist of the Year. I do everything I can’t to keep all my endo sisters updated with everything that is going on endo related I have busted my butt doing endomarch stuff and photography during the March’s and to finally get recognized for my hard work leaves me in tears. I’m so glad I have got to meet everyone of you ladies either in person or online threw the years. Love you all.


{May 18, 2018}   Nurse week! 👩‍⚕️

I’m sorry i haven’t been on here in a minute but I will be posting once again. This post is not mom related but is the next thing that means a great deal to me. So if you have time grab a cup of coffee something to snack on and please read this. Thank you all.

I have pulled dead, mangled bodies from cars..Nursed in Nursing Homes seen my fair share of Bed Sores, so bad I can see there spine just cause a nurse didn’t correctly position the patient every 2 hrs as needed. Walked in when a family member was in the room trying to choke a family member to death. 😿Talked to really sweet older people and next day go to work and the died over night, when I was off shift.
I have lied to people as they were dying.
I said you are going to be fine as I held their hand and watched the life fade out. Just to be there for them cause there Family wasn’t.
I have held dying babies. Help in Labor and Delivery seen babies die just after being born and have to tell the parents. As I see the Heartbreak in there eyes. Took care of Newborns in the NICU and they were so far gone that we couldn’t save them. Bought lunch for people who were mentally ill that haven’t eaten in a while. I had to tell people’s families that there mom, son or infant died and see the pain as the fell apart right in front of me. I had to clean dead bodies and get them ready for there Family to say goodbye.
I have held towels on bullet wounds. As blood dripped all over me.
Done CPR when I knew it wouldn’t help just to make family members feel better. And tried my hardest to help save there lives.
I’m so thankful for working as a Nurse and wouldn’t trade it for the world. People need to understand how hard it is to be one you see things you never in your life would want to see. This Week please give thanks to any nurse u see. I hope u all can share this out by putting it on your walls.

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Washington, DC Saturday, March 28, 2015


2:00PM 2:30 PM Volunteer check-in & training outdoors at Upper Senate Park, Volunteer Tent
2:00PM 4:00 PM Registration Check-In begins outdoors at Upper Senate Park, Registration Tent
2:00PM 4:00 PM Pre-march interviews & Virtual EndoMarch, outdoors, at Upper Senate Park, Press Tent
2:00PM 4:00 PM Educational Symposium for general public, outdoors, at Upper Senate Park, Information Tent
ADDRESS: Outdoors | Upper Senate Park | 200 New Jersey Avenue NW, Washington, D.C, 20001

CALL TO ACTION CEREMONY: Upper Senate Park (Outdoors)
4:00PM 4:10 PM Opening Ceremony: Welcome and Introduction
4:10PM 4:50 PM Speakers & Presentations, including patient stories & video of Marches from around the world
4:50PM 5:00 PM Musical Finale to Start the March
ADDRESS: Outdoors | Upper Senate Park | 200 New Jersey Avenue NW, Washington, D.C, 20001

THE MARCH BEGINS: Upper Senate Park (Outdoors) 
5:00 PM 6:00 PM Beginning Point: Upper Senate Park at New Jersey Avenue NW & Constitution Avenue NW
– We will walk in a loop that begins on sidewalk on Constitution Avenue NW, toward First St. NW
– We turn right on First Street NW, right on Louisiana Avenue NW, right on C Street NW, right on New Jersey Ave. NW, and finally, left on Constitution Ave. NW, to return to Upper Senate Park. Those who cannot walk this full distance can shorten the walk by turning around at First Street NW & heading back toward Upper Senate Park via Constitution Ave NW.
Ending Point: Upper Senate Park (a distance of approximately 1/2 mile)
ADDRESS: Outdoors | Upper Senate Park | 200 New Jersey Avenue NW, Washington, D.C, 20001


6:00 PM 8:00 PM Post-march Reception: Venue TBA




This is where I will be posting all the pictures from the 2015 event, not only from the March itself, but also the associated events before and after the March.

Please keep checking back to see updated pictures after the EndoMarch!

Thank you for your patience,

~Team Washington DC Precinct Manager, 2015

~~~~~~Update as of March 29th 2015~~~

Hello everyone ! I would really like to Thank you all that allowed me to take photographs of you, also with your loved ones, to friends that you brought along for support. From Team Groups to other Endo-Sisters you have met along the way, And also your children you having brought along to Little ones that also attended.

It was a real good turn out yesterday full of Fun, Listening to talkers that told there stories. To getting to Meet a New Endo-brother, as he gathered all the courage and strength to Purpose to his girlfriend in front of the whole room full of our Endo Family Watching. It was so romantic and Beautiful to watch. And of Course she said “YES’. Congrats to you both.

Also Marching for a cure for a Disease we have no control of, that takes over our bodies and lives every single waking day. And we reunited with our Endo-Sisters that we haven’t seen since last March, Also meeting new Endo-Sisters. And getting our Dance on after the walk itself. It was a long day and night.

It was so nice to be able to see everyone again, only thing I wish from the whole experience is that they didn’t split up Team USA just because there were other sisters I wish I could of seen also, and for all of us to have gotten to see each other would of been way bigger of a turn out this year because there was even more people than last year on both sides. altogether we could of fitted into a stadium. Can you imagine seeing that sea of yellow? I loved meeting some new Endo-sisters that i had so much in common with and were so nice to talk to. this year was nice. I also missed some ladies really bad cause they couldn’t attend because they couldn’t with come up with funds to come down here or just had surgery, and still were trying to recover. But for whoever didn’t walk lots of us including me walked for you and in your name.  Well I’m about to post the pictures, please if you like them leave me comments, I love to hear feedback from each one of you if you have the time to. I also want to thank you all for showing you love for my daughter. I know you all had so much fun dancing and hanging out with her, she had a blast too.

Technical Difficulties so here is a link to the pictures till they can be posted like normal on here. Enjoy everyone.

130-DSC_8751 293-DSC_8931 292-DSC_8930 291-DSC_8929 290-DSC_8926 289-DSC_8925 288-DSC_8924 287-DSC_8923 286-DSC_8922 285-DSC_8921 284-DSC_8920 283-DSC_8919 282-DSC_8918 281-DSC_8917 280-DSC_8916279-DSC_8915 278-DSC_8914 277-DSC_8913 276-DSC_8912 275-DSC_8911 273-DSC_8908 272-DSC_8907 271-DSC_8906 270-DSC_8905 269-DSC_8904 268-DSC_8903 267-DSC_8902 266-DSC_8901 265-DSC_8900 264-DSC_8899 262-DSC_8897 261-DSC_8896 260-DSC_8894 258-DSC_8891 256-DSC_8888 255-DSC_8886254-DSC_8884 253-DSC_8883 252-DSC_8882 251-DSC_8881 250-DSC_8880 249-DSC_8879 248-DSC_8878 247-DSC_8877 246-DSC_8876 245-DSC_8872 244-DSC_8871 242-DSC_8869 241-DSC_8868 240-DSC_8865 227-DSC_8852 226-DSC_8851 222-DSC_8847 225-DSC_8850 220-DSC_8844 221-DSC_8846220-DSC_8844 219-DSC_8843 218-DSC_8842 217-DSC_8841 216-DSC_8840 215-DSC_8839 214-DSC_8838 213-DSC_8837 212-DSC_8836 211-DSC_8835 210-DSC_8834 209-DSC_8833 208-DSC_8832 207-DSC_8831 206-DSC_8830 205-DSC_8829185-DSC_8807 204-DSC_8828 203-DSC_8827 202-DSC_8826 201-DSC_8825 200-DSC_8824 199-DSC_8823 198-DSC_8822 197-DSC_8821 196-DSC_8820 195-DSC_8819 194-DSC_8818 193-DSC_8817 192-DSC_8816 191-DSC_8815 190-DSC_8814 189-DSC_8813 188-DSC_8810 187-DSC_8809 186-DSC_8808184-DSC_8806 183-DSC_8805 182-DSC_8804 181-DSC_8803 180-DSC_8802 179-DSC_8801 178-DSC_8800 177-DSC_8799 176-DSC_8798 175-DSC_8797 173-DSC_8795 172-DSC_8794 171-DSC_8793 169-DSC_8791 167-DSC_8789 166-DSC_8788 165-DSC_8787 164-DSC_8786163-DSC_8785 161-DSC_8783 160-DSC_8782 159-DSC_8781 158-DSC_8780 157-DSC_8779 154-DSC_8776 153-DSC_8775 152-DSC_8774 151-DSC_8773 150-DSC_8772 149-DSC_8771 148-DSC_8770 147-DSC_8769 146-DSC_8768 145-DSC_8767 144-DSC_8765 143-DSC_8764 141-DSC_8762 140-DSC_8761 139-DSC_8760136-DSC_8757 133-DSC_8754 132-DSC_8753 131-DSC_8752 130-DSC_8751 129-DSC_8750 128-DSC_8747 127-DSC_8746 126-DSC_8745 125-DSC_8744 124-DSC_8743 123-DSC_8742 122-DSC_8741 121-DSC_8740 120-DSC_8739 119-DSC_8738 118-DSC_8737 117-DSC_8736 116-DSC_8735 115-DSC_8734 114-DSC_8733 113-DSC_8732 112-DSC_8731 111-DSC_8730 109-DSC_8728 106-DSC_8725105-DSC_8724 104-DSC_8723 103-DSC_8722 102-DSC_8721 099-DSC_8718 098-DSC_8717 095-DSC_8714 093-DSC_8712 092-DSC_8711 091-DSC_8710 088-DSC_8707 087-DSC_8706 086-DSC_8705 085-DSC_8704 084-DSC_8703 083-DSC_8702 082-DSC_8701 081-DSC_8700 080-DSC_8699 079-DSC_8698 078-DSC_8697 077-DSC_8696 076-DSC_8695 075-DSC_8694 074-DSC_8693 073-DSC_8692 072-DSC_8691 071-DSC_8690070-DSC_8689 069-DSC_8688 068-DSC_8687 067-DSC_8686 066-DSC_8685 065-DSC_8684 064-DSC_8683 063-DSC_8682 062-DSC_8681 061-DSC_8680 060-DSC_8679 059-DSC_8678 058-DSC_8677 057-DSC_8676 056-DSC_8675 055-DSC_8674 054-DSC_8673 053-DSC_8672 051-DSC_8670 050-DSC_8669049-DSC_8668 048-DSC_8667 047-DSC_8666 046-DSC_8665 045-DSC_8664 044-DSC_8663 042-DSC_8661 041-DSC_8660 040-DSC_8659 038-DSC_8657 037-DSC_8656 036-DSC_8655 035-DSC_8654 034-DSC_8653 033-DSC_8652 032-DSC_8651 031-DSC_8650 030-DSC_8649 029-DSC_8648 027-DSC_8646 026-DSC_8645 025-DSC_8644 024-DSC_8643021-DSC_8640 020-DSC_8639 019-DSC_8638 018-DSC_8637 017-DSC_8636 016-DSC_8635 013-DSC_8632 012-DSC_8631 011-DSC_8629 010-DSC_8628 009-DSC_8627 008-DSC_8626 007-DSC_8625 006-DSC_8624 005-DSC_8621 004-DSC_8620 003-DSC_8619 002-DSC_8614 001-DSC_8613,authkey:Gv1sRgCImS552cm5yeEQ

Somewhere, if you care enough to see, there is still me.
Through all the pain and fear of what this disease brings.
All I can do is plead, as this disease destroys the insides of what is left of me.
I lie here in pain, night after night and wonder how much is there in me to fight.
I know there are people that need me in their life, as those are the people I have to count on, each and every night.
As this Endo attacks and spreads to parts of my body, unexplored!
It’s so tough for me to ignore, all the doctors that push me aside.
And as this happens, my Endo-Sisters and I, we fight.
This is what people do not see, this is why we need to find a cure for this Disease.



I was very proud to be a Big part of this event Marching alongside my Endo Sisters and doing Photography for EndoMarch Headquarters, Endosisters. We all Marched to spread awareness for a cause we hold Dear to our hearts, not only for us but for the ones we love. And Endosisters that could not be here to do so for themselves. I had my support system walking with me which is my Husband Carlos and my Daughter Ariella. I hope one day that if she gets Diagnosed with this Disease than there will be a cure in place so she don’t have to live the painful life I have lived while doctor after doctor threw all my problems aside. Making me believe all my pain and issues were in my head. Why I went 24 years till I found out I was going through this the entire time, as my pain grew worse and worse.It has been a extremely hard journey through this all, and as I sit here and type. I feel every bit of Endo pain my sisters feel, plus extra. Im sorry it took to the end of the month to post the pictures but ive been in alot of pain, trying to fight through it all to play and watch my daughter grow up. I’m trying to treasure as much memories as possible, cause it seems like she is growing up so fast. I want to Thank the Nezhat Family for making this happen for the very First time, you doctor’s are amazing for taking your time out of your day. Also want to Thank Stephanie March for sharing your story, Also Sheryl Crow for Boasting everyone’s spirits with your beautiful voice.And allowing me to take pictures and get to talk to you.And all the other Endo sisters that shared there stories.  

I want to share all these photos with you all. If your in them you can copy them and share them, Please if you do so can you mention me =) I will be making a personal photo page soon. But I use this as my mine blog of everything. So you can share my sight. I hope you all loved the images I captured throughout our 1st ever Endo March. Feel free to leave me comments..Will love Feedback. Love Always Christina Cruzpagan

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